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OOC: We’re making it happen, I told you bro.

((OOC: In lieu of recent Homestuck updates, it is only natural that we here at Brotherkin instill the same sense of zeal and purpose as Andrew Hussie. That is to say, we will be updating once again with a deluge of new and exciting content updates that will be sure to tickle funny bro-ne

Loyal followers, your patience will be rewarded swiftly as the new direction Brotherkin takes will be far more extreme and brodacious and will take full advantage of the new and expansive world Andrew Hussie has created since our last post a very long time ago. We hope you will enjoy Brotherkin more than you ever did before. 

For a brief moment, we will be answering any questions or concerns you all have about the “new Brotherkin” or any questions relating to our status as of our last post. If anything is important to us, it is you guys, the fans. We have such a relationship with our immense fanbase. It was great to meet tons of you guys at Otakon, AWA, and other conventions Momocon. You guys have been great about not spoiling our new direction and loads of new updates.

If you are intent on seeing some of our new content, please click the readmore. It won’t give away a lot as it is just a rough draft of one of our upcoming pieces that may end up as a flash, maybe more. Know that we have been very hard at work and have a lot of stuff poised to go down the pipe.

As we said, please check the readmore for more info.

Until next time,

God bless you all and have a safe evening.))

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years ago…



and to this day dave still believes in santa.

Bro - Questions given life as answers.
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OOC: PSA that’s not a PSA???

(( Let’s rap about something in two parts: being a decent person to the people whose work you enjoy.

1. I know I legally have no copyright on any of these images. Unlike what the creator’s comments of Deviantart will teach you, “Characters (c) Andrew Hussie; Drawing (c) Me” doesn’t work.  However, I would appreciate it as the person who put time into composing the image if you would not edit them. What I mean by edit is switching characters to be your favourite characters or turning it into some sort of shipping image. I don’t care if you crop or zoom or whatever or add a moustache. But if you basically change the message of the comic, I’ll be pretty pissed off. It might have no legal repercussions but it’s just common courtesy.

2. Since if I lecture people on this again Tumblr going to throw a hissy-fit so I’ll just say one thing that I humbly request and would be appreciated greatly: if you have a username with “cest” in it and it’s not french or if you have an icon that is incest, please do not follow me. Do not reblog me. Do not like my posts. Do not send me messages. It’s just not something I want to see because I don’t think I should have to be reminded of people fetishizing incestual rape every day. ))

Bro, did you just start crying blood? ARE YOU OKAY?

chill down.

just starin at the sun for multiple hours each day has completely fried my tear ducts so i have to stab my eyeball in order to produce manly tears which aint cryin. no big thing. 

every once in awhile lalonde will fly one of her private helicopters on the rooftop and start blabbing about some nobel prize shes winning again and dump The Goth One on me.

it aint so fine because there was a reason i was kicked out of psychowhatsit class. that reason is that i went into a blind fury whenever someone said too many words i didnt understand while saying what i was.


cept later on…

Mapledad. Have you met him? (hint hint it's from guidestuck)

(( I don’t keep up with the main plot anymore let alone read any AUs.

Unless the AU happens to be AU Bro who needs ritalin and also best friends with children and dad has hair. ))

Brotherkin Comix ep 1: “jokers”
-by meteors dont tell nosebro because my work is mature and theirs is childish

Brotherkin Comix ep 1: “jokers”

-by meteors dont tell nosebro because my work is mature and theirs is childish

only if you can manage not to squeeze my soft supple tuckus below it.